Progressive Trance Producer & Live Act

  • Djapatox

Djapatox [pronounced Japatox] aka Mysterious Mars is a 19 years old producer from Nuweiba, Sinai, Egypt, who now lives in Bielefeld, Germany. His Prog style is a mixture of typical progressive elements, psychedelic atmospheres, heavy dubstep growls, dirty electro sounds & experimental soundscapes. He started producing Progressive Trance in the end of 2014. In the Summer of 2015 he joined Wasted Records, a Swiss label founded by Memento Mori, & released his first song on theire 'Out Of Space' compilation, which included songs from Mandragora, Omiki, Good Fellas, Acid Moon & Memento Mori. In the beginning of 2016 while playing a Gig in Bonn, he met 3886 Records Labelhead Andreas Linden aka. Spekta & joined the label 3886Records aswell to bring his sound to the next dimension...