Dark Prog Producer

  • Lirón

Born and raised in cold northern Germany, the days often were foggy and colorless. But for the young Vincent Kankel there always was a bright spot. Something that made his days colorful and exciting, something that represented his biggest passion. Music. Shortly after he started playing Deep House focussed Dj sets, but then Vincent developed a preference for Psychedelic sounds. At the age of 17 he begun his first main project called "Atype" and produced Offbeat. There with he achieved great success. But later on a reorientation followed. He couldn't indentify with his music anymore. So a new project hat to be created. Shortly afterwards he tried out Dark Prog and felt his musician-heart flame up once again. The project "Lirón" was born. Many different influences inspired him for his present unique sound, which has a distinctive design.