Progressive & Psytrance Radio-DJ

  • OtoX

In 1990 OtoX got his first touch with electronic Music. In these Times the workaround has been much more handmade and analog. His first Setup contained very simple and consisted of 2 CD-Players that has been connected to an usual Standard Mixer. His first experiences with the handling and procedure came closer, when he had the first private Partys with Family & Friends. After a few years, in the year 1993 he got his first official platform at the Union Rave in Dusseldorf Gate 3. Within the following years he joined Poison Club/ D´dorf and even became Resident in the Club Samara/ Maroc and Club Neptun/ Turkey. So far, his passion for music inspired him to start producing music by his own in the year 2000. He also became member of a few Broadcasting Shows with events taken place in weekly Sessions at Trancebase. There he created his own Broadcast show called „ Goa Adventure“.