Progressive Psytrance Live Act & DJ

  • SADI

SADI is the Progressive Psytrance Project of 19 y.o. Producer & DJ Cedric Albeke from Detmold, Germany. He began to discover his dedication for the Psychedelic Movement in the late 2013's. Since then many new sensory impressions came over him. They gave him the inspiration to create his very own style of Psychedelic Trance. After a few years of learning and understanding the fundamental elements of Electronic Music Production, he started to publish his first tracks on SoundCloud. Due to financial problems, which are pretty normal in that age, his productions were made under very bad circumstances. But he didn't lost the fire that pushed him to this day. His future productions are being made in a self built studio, which finally gives him the opportunity to create the high quality Psychedelic Trance Sound, on which he was working for so long time. At this point he wanted to thank the volunteer members of the "Alte Pauline", an autonomous centre in Detmold, that they gave us the permission to build a well equipped Studio Room in there.