Psychedelic Trance Live Act and DJ

  • Signa

Signa aka Carlos Ferreira was born in Portugal in 1984. In 2001 started to show interest in psychedelic music. His strong connection with psychedelic melodies made him observate others while producing music and following each step by the side of two well known portuguese psytrance artists, Tiago aka Atary and João Miguel aka Charade, learning and understanding psytrance production. Afterwards he decided to start his own psytrance project "Signa". His first live act was in 2006 where he felt the adrenaline of playing for a crowd and since then the Signa project has been growing. An artist in constant discovery and allways exploring the sounds of psytrance in everyway, allways working to create original and mind blowing tracks. Signa has played with many known artist such as Sesto Sento, Neuromotor, Gataka, Tickets, Brethren, Menog, Gelly Heads and more.