Progressive Morning Trance Producer & DJ Duo

  • Zwielicht

Zwielicht is a Producer and DJ Duo consisting of Flittchen and Greggel. Greggel‘s musical carer initiated in 1994 when he started listening to electronic music and in 1997 when he first came across psychedelic trance he already started producing the music himself. A few years later he commenced DJ‘ing as well. Flittchen is a few years younger. He played guitar when he was about 14 years old and was just into Punkrock. 2007 he first came in contact with psychedelic trance music. It took him not long to start DJ‘ing and also producing mostly progressive Psytrance but also some Trip Hop. Since December 2011 Flittchen and Greggel combined their talent and founded Zwielicht through the intervention by one of their friends.