Audio-Engineer & Psy-Trance DJ

  • Quantec

DJ Quantec started his musical career as a young electronic Music lover during the first years of the new Century. Grown up with a classical Background, his Mother a Piano Teacher as well as a Master-Choirmaster, he got attracted by the late 90´s electronic Music-Movement in the age of 14. In his youth club he learned all about Techno & Turntables, collecting and changing Vinyls was his first Love, until the mp3 took most of the sales... His second Love was a Korg Electribe and a Roland 303, soon he became a 5-Groovebox-Bedroom-Artist, always in search of the perfect, never known Sound. Inspired by Live Acts like "Der Dritte Raum", "Infected Mushroom", "Sphongle" or "Son Kite", he moved on into Cologne´s Psy-Trance Scene and had his first successful appearances. With DJ Yoka he founded the Live Act "Synphonetic" in 2004. After some years being married with Synths, Guitars & Computers while traveling through Germany, they finished their debut Album "Butterfly Effect" in 2006. Under the direction of the Progressive-Trance-Genre founder Stefan Lewin aka "Magnetrixx", who was the Mastering Engineer, both became much more professional in Music Production. After 7 years of intense Creativity and some Releases later, they split up and Quantec began to study Audio-Engineering, while deepening his place as a DJ & Artist. In 2013 he became Resident for the Promoter "NTrance Cologne", in 2016 he joined "3886records", as one of the label's top DJs. For the future he plans a new Album under a new name, with fresh influences from the electric universe. Stay tuned!