All genres at a glance

A small but well-sorted glossary of musical genres covered by Thirtyeight Eightysix Records.


For our purpose it's enough to say that Trance is the mother of all our music. Trance tracks always have an energizing combination of onbeat-kickdrum and offbeat-bassline, often contain evoling pads, strong repetitive elements, drastic breaks, stunning drops and may evolve to a completely different soundscape while progressing in time.

Subgenres: Psytrance Progressive

Goa (Goa Trance)

Today, Goa or more specific "Goa Trance" is often misunderstood as the comprehensive genre containing all music played in our scene. This is thy we still call ourself Goa scene and visit so called Goa parties. To a greater degree Goa has become a subgenre of Psytrance, mostly including music produced in Goa and generally India when the scene was very young and present in Goa itsself. At that time the name Goa really covered all the Psychedelic Trance music available. Nowadays Goa experiences some kind of revival as people are starting to re-create the original Goa-ish sound from the past by using up-to-date technologies. Characteristical for Goa Music is that it often contains Indian and oriental instruments and chant and has more dynamics than contemporary music.

Superior Genres: Psytrance

Subgenres: Oldschool Goagressive

Psytrance (Psychedelic Trance)

Psytrance, originally called Psychedelic Trance, stepped in for the word Goa long since Goa in India isn't the center of our scene anymore. This is why Psytrance has developed to cover all genres being produced and played in our scene today, including Goa as a subgenre. At some time the words Goa and Psytrance may have meant exactly the same thing, when the evolution of the scene was in a flowing transition. Today Psytrance is the most exact single word to describe our music. Characteristical for pure Psytrance is a galloping bassline (Partial Doubletime Offbeat Pattern) and psychedelic but still melodic and harmonic sound design.

Superior Genres: Trance

Subgenres: Goa Psy Prog Fullon

Progressive (Progressive Trance)

Progressive Trance, often simply called Progressive, mostly covers rather minimal soundscapes and especially a "progressive" structure, also called "progression". Not to be confused with the Pure Progressive Trance, our Proggy is usually influenced by Psytrance alot. So the focus on Progressive Trance is on the progress of the track's structure with a few psychedelic elements and influences. Proggy may be more melodic and harmonic but also can consist of harder and also psychedelic sounds. Characteristical for Progressive Trance is the offbeat bass (Single Offbeat Bassline Pattern) and rare, but very repititive elements.

Superior Genres: Trance

Psy Prog (Progressive Psytrance)

Progressive Psy is the result of a flowing fusion of the Progressive Trance and Psychedelic Trancegenres, which is still in progress and being influenced by other music. Always built in a progressive structure, the tracks also present a strong psychedelic and sometimes melodic and harmoic sound design. It often uses an offbeat bass (Singletime Offbeat Bassline Pattern) or a galloping bass (Partial Doubletime Offbeat Pattern). Also fullon-type basslines (Doubletime Offbeat Pattern) and triplet basslines are used sometimes and may be combinated in a single track.

Superior Genres: Psytrance Progressive

Dirty Prog (Dirty Progressive Trance)

Dirty Prog mostly is a direct subgenre of pure Progressive Trance with a focus on rhythms and a dirty soundscape. It's rather played on Goa parties with a mainstream-touch. It has a strong repititive charracter an no or only a few long and evolving sounds.

Superior Genres: Progressive

Dark Prog (Dark Progressive Trance)

Dark Prog is can be described as Progressive Trance with a minimal and very dark but soft and psychedelic soundscape.

Superior Genres: Progressive

Oldschool (Oldschool Psytrance)

Oldschool Psytrance often is called the original type of Psychedelic Trance music at all. If aften has a complex rhythmic shape, can contain many percussion and oriental instruments and may be more melodic and harmonic than other Psytrance genres. Apart from Oldschool also describing the sound of the music, it especially includes Tracks produced using analog synthesizers, sequencers and other "oldschool" hardware.

Superior Genres: Goa

Goagressive (Progressive Goa Trance)

Goagressive is mostly the soundscape of Goa and Oldschool style tracks in combination with a Progressive song-structure.

Superior Genres: Goa Progressive

Fullon (Fullon Psytrance)

Fullon can already be quite fast and is propelled by the socalled Fullon-bass most of the time (Doubltime Offbeat Bassline Pattern). It has non-progressive song structure which comes very close the one of Psytrance, presenting a rather nerveous soundscape with more high fequencies than other Psytrance genres.

Superior Genres: Psytrance